Water Damage Restoration

Did you know that water, despite being essential for life, can also cause significant damage when it seeps into indoor environments?

From rapid deterioration of structures and personal items to fostering unsavory conditions, the impact of excess water or flooding should never be underestimated.

However, there's no need to worry. Taking prompt and decisive action within the first 24-48 hours in London can greatly reduce the destructive effects of water damage. The outcomes of clean-up and restoration efforts can be astonishing, saving precious family heirlooms, office equipment, or even industrial machinery from ruin.

We can

  • Restoration Services for Residential and Commercial Properties
  • Immediate Water Extraction in Emergency Situations
  • Efficient Drying and Dehumidification
  • Mold and Odor Elimination
  • Restoration of Carpets Carpet Cleaning, Deodorization, and Spot Removal
  • Reconstruction and Repair Services

Water Extraction and Drying

Enjoy unparalleled peace of mind with London Double Clean Restoration's premier water damage removal services. Leveraging advanced water drying technologies, we guarantee a swift and thorough restoration of your property, minimizing water damage and restoring it to its pre-damage state.

Experience the Double Clean difference today!

Our Calgary water damage restoration techniques include:

Determining the Type and Severity of Water Damage In the initial assessment phase, our team evaluates the water’s category (from 1 to 3) and contamination level to determine salvageable items and those that must be discarded, based on the water damage type.

  • Category 1: Involves damage from clean water sources, such as broken pipes, sink overflows, or fresh rainwater.
  • Category 2: Encounters damage from water with moderate contamination, potentially from dishwasher or washing machine leaks, toilet overflows without feces, or broken aquariums.
  • Category 3: Deals with water that is heavily contaminated, exposing individuals to pathogens, toxins, or other dangerous substances. Usual sources include sewage backups, disrupted waste lines, or floodwaters from the sea, rivers, and streams.

Water Damage Extraction and Removal Following extraction, we focus on drying and dehumidification to prevent further damage, then apply antimicrobial treatments to ensure a thorough and safe recovery process.

Double Clean Restoration in London is delighted to provide cutting-edge drying technology. Our selection features robust fans, advanced air purifiers, effective dehumidifiers, precise moisture meters, top-of-the-line thermal imaging cameras, and accurate thermo-hygrometers, among other innovative instruments that simplify the water damage repair process.

Common Causes of Water Damage in Your Property

Storm-Related Water Damage

Your property is at risk of water damage from natural calamities such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and other severe weather events. Intense winds and torrential rains can damage your roofing, allowing rainwater to infiltrate your home or business premises. In extreme scenarios, these conditions may lead to flash floods, particularly in areas vulnerable to flooding. For guidance on handling flash floods, consult our comprehensive guide.

Incidents of Overflow in Residences

Unexpectedly, water damage can also stem from simple human errors, like leaving the tap open while drawing a bath in multi-level buildings, leading to overflow situations. Similarly, malfunctions in washing machines can cause flooding, affecting not just the floor of the originating unit but potentially leaking into lower levels. This type of flooding can damage various parts of the property, including walls, floors, and ceilings. For steps to take following a washing machine overflow, visit our blog.

Leaks from Pipes and Supply Lines

The network of pipes throughout your property is crucial for water distribution, meaning any leaks can cause extensive damage. For example, a leak under the kitchen sink can damage the cabinetry and anything stored within. Leaks within the walls can be particularly troublesome, leading to significant water damage and mold growth. Leaks in the plumbing supply lines or drainage pipes under concrete slabs are especially concerning. Our resources include tips on identifying leaks that could cause internal water damage.

Dealing with Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a significant issue Double Clean often addresses, especially during the colder months. Lack of insulation can lead to pipes freezing and subsequently bursting, causing leaks and potential flooding within the home. For advice on preventing your pipes from freezing and ensuring your home is prepared for winter storms, explore our homeowner safety tips.

Applied Structural Drying Services

Facing flood damage on your property can be daunting, tempting you to start the cleanup effort on your own. However, it's vital to take a moment to consider the implications:

The process of water damage extraction and structural drying is intricate, demanding specialized knowledge and sophisticated equipment. To avoid further complications, it's advisable to entrust this task to professional water damage removal experts. Making this choice is essential for a swift and comprehensive restoration.

At Double Clean in London, our skilled professionals employ the latest technology and moisture meters to accurately evaluate the water damage and existing moisture levels. Our commitment to vigilant monitoring and meticulous record-keeping during the drying process ensures we meet the highest dryness standards, adhering to stringent industry benchmarks.

To protect against secondary water damage, we employ advanced dehumidification equipment to extract moisture from the air and tackle condensation concerns.

With Double Clean, you can rely on efficient, eco-friendly solutions and impressive drying outcomes!